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I started my acting career in 2001 when I was asked to join a Western Theater Team. I was very fortunate to work with the best actors of the day.

Major photo shoot in Virginia City, Nevada for the New Movie coming in 2021, “The Bounty Hunter”

Me being a newbie I watched those actors intensely.

Learning from them as I go honing out my skills as I work with them on different scene’s.

After 6 month of apprenticeship I was asked to be on the set of my first Hollywood Movie “Deadwood” starring Kieth Carradine. I was a dealing in saloon No. 13. For those thirteen hours of work, I absorbed a wealth of information that I use to this day.

Doc Durden in Virginia City 2010.

My second Movie I preformed in was “The Life and Times of Jack London” The film was set in the year, 1896 in the Yukon Terriory. I was cast as a preacher trying to save the life of Jack London who was on his death bed dying of scurvy. After my scene, I received a standing ovation from the cast & crew. I recognized then I could move people’s emotions with my acting. I loved acting so much I built my own Wild West Town with thirteen buildings called The Triple D Ranch in Pine Grove, California.

Shot in Virginia City, Nevada 2015. Doc Durden is a Ordained Minister.

I continued on preforming in twelve other films. They were mostly low budget, but I was working with friends and always learning.

In 2015, with a cast of twenty-two, “Evil Twin the Reckoning,” was my first movie I filmed. The location was Virginia City, Nevada.

I was next Executive Produced. Assistant Director and also starred in a film titled “Wild Bill in Virginia City,” in 2018.

Following, I was Executive Producer, Director and editor in part of “Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral Tribute,”

I was next, Executive Producer, Director and Assistant editor for award winning film titled “Jessie James the Lady,” This had an all women cast and was awarded Best Script, Best Director and Best Producere 2019 Wild West Festivel.

Doc Durden as The Bounty Hunter shot in Bodie, California. “The Bounty Hunter” coming 2021.

In 2020 I played the lead in (1st) “Dr. Nosealot Ph.D,” This is a comedy about the hoarding of toilet paper. (2nd) “Stupit Syblyng,” a comedic Trilogy about trick shots when being stupit drunk. (3rd) “Dr. Nosealot Ph.D.” comedy talks about “Burgers, bate & switch

1st Place Award Winning Photo of Doc Durden at the Calavares County Frog Jump Expo 2005 during a Wild West Event.
Shot at Johnny Gun’s Birthday Party, lead Gurtarist for Eddie Money. Wild West Event with my Foothill Vigilantes Wild West Theatre Team 2005. Outfit valued at $7,000.00.
Doc Durden’s life store. “When I was a Baby I was very young”


Being an entertainer is another form of acting, putting on a show for an audience. Whether it be Master of Ceremonies, Ambassador or preforming in a parade has always been an honor.

Doc Durden’s life store. “When I was a Baby I was very young”


Being an actor and being seen in the work I have been involved in over the years. My image as a model western figure is used to support many people, associations and groups.

Artist from facebook painted this Portrait 2017 only because he liked the photo he copied .
Doc Durden’s life store. “When I was a Baby I was very young”


Film producer – › wiki › Film_producer

“A film producer is a person who oversees film production. Either employed by a production company or working independently, producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting the script; coordinating writing, directing, and editing; and arranging financing.”

Photo shot in the Silver Terrace Cemetery, Virginia Cirty, Nevada part of “The Bounty Hunter” pre-production photo’s for the movie ‘The Bounty Hunter” coming 2021.

Being the Producer give me complete control over my productions. I have complete artistic freedom, allowing me to bring the Classic Western experience to an ever growing audience.

Doc Durden’s life store. “When I was a Baby I was very young”