Michelle Buckman, Lead  for Leland – Michelle Buckman was What’s Up Doc? Special Guest. Michelle is currently the lead actor on “Leland”. Talked about her first movie scenes “Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral” &”Jessie James the Lady”.

Michelle spoke about her love of the community she live in, Virginia City, NV and the wonderful merchants and people that live there. She is a member of the Virginia City Calvary & The silent Riders. Her beautiful home is now a B&B in Virginia City.

Richard Bryan, Judge – Discussion on Black Bart & Tom Mix with Special Guest Richard Bryan. Richard also is part of the crew, he works Cameras, Lighting and Assistant Director.

Liza Mcilwee, Jane Stanford best friend – I have the honor to introduce to you Liza Mcilwee, Actress, costume consultant and will be my next leading lady. Liza has a natural feel for the stage doing a lot of workshops and community theater. Find out more about this beautiful lady’s successes.

Area Representative at World Heritage Student Exchange Programs Owner at Eras Of Enchantment Went to American School of Correspondence

M. Kameron Hawkins, Bartender – M. Kameron Hawkins – Thank you for bringing back a time in my life that was such an honor… that has never left me… During President Reagan and Bush administration years from 83 through 86 it was my honor to be a member of the United States Navy Presidential Ceremonial Guard Drill Team as my 1st duty station out of Bootcamp.

For me it wasn’t all about the Drill Team traveling and shows… it was about the other sides of the story. Find out the rest of the story with M. Kameron Hawkins is a Special VIP Guest on What’s Up Doc?