M. Kameron Hawkins the Bartender in the movie… Leland…

M. Kameron Hawkins in Leland a Doc Durden Production – What’s Up Doc? Interview

M. Kameron Hawkins – Thank you for bringing back a time in my life that was such an honor… that has never left me… During President Reagan and Bush administration years from 83 through 86 it was my honor to be a member of the United States Navy Presidential Ceremonial Guard Drill Team as my 1st duty station out of Bootcamp.

For me it wasn’t all about the Drill Team traveling and shows… it was about the other sides of the story. Find out the rest of the story with M. Kameron Hawkins is a Special VIP Guest on What’s Up Doc?

Mr. Hawkins is the founder & chairman of Hawkins for Nevada Foundation, Inc. and is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2022 – Vote for Hawkins.

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